How to install the latest stable Firefox in Ubuntu 10.04

As it seems it is not possible anymore to install the latest stable Firefox version in Ubuntu 10.04 with the classical method using "sudo apt-get" or by adding "fancy" repositories. This howto gives you a short description for a very simple workaround.

Step 1: 
Download the latest Firefox Version

Download it from the latest version from and extract it. It creates a folder called "firefox" and in that folder there is a file called "firefox".

Step 2: 
Create a new shortcut

Drag the Firefox file onto your panel, and it asks you to give the new launcher a name. Call it Firefox, and you're done.

Step 3: 
Run Firefox

To open Firefox just use the new launcher on the panel (the correct icon should be there automatically). Please be aware that the Firefox command and menu entry will open your old installation. To avoid any confusion you may remove this old installation of Firefox with the Ubuntu Software Center or the Synaptic Package Manager.