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GIMP @Ubuntu: How to Batch Resize Images with GIMP

Most digital cameras nowadays, have resolutions that are far bigger than the normal monitor screen size. On average most point-and-shoot digital cameras have resolution anywhere from 3 megapixels to 10 megapixels. Most monitors these days have resolution of either 1024×768 or the slightly larger 1280×1024 pixels.

How to convert CMYK Photoshop files (.psd) to be used in GIMP

Photoshop online editor

As you might know GIMP is a great free open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Usually GIMP gives you the possibility to open and edit PSD files out of the box. But in some cases you might get the error message: "Error loading PSD file: Unsupported colour mode: CMYK". Though GIMP has some support for the CMYK work flow the opening of existing Adobe Photoshop files (.psd) that use the CMYK model unfortunately isn't possible. But there is a very easy way to solve the problem by converting the Adobe Photoshop .psd file.

How to install Skype in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Synaptic Package Manager

See also new article: How to install Skype 4.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu 14.04. This howto offers the quick command line installation for Skype on Ubuntu 32bit and for Skype on Ubuntu 64bit.

How to install Skype 4.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu 14.04

Skype for Linux

Since August 1. 2014 Skype 4.2 doesn't work anymore. If you try to connect you get the error "Skype can't connect". To update Ubuntu 12.04 or Ubuntu 14.04 you can proceed as follows: 1. Install From Skype's Website or 2. Install From Ubuntu Software Center

How to apply a Drupal patch with Ubuntu

Ubuntu 12.04 and Drupal 7

The patch utility is by default installed in Ubuntu. All you need to do is to download the patch and to apply it. Provided that the patch was made relative to the root directory of the concerned project, navigate to the that directory (using cd). For a patch on Drupal, that will be the Drupal directory; for a contrib module or theme, that is the root directory of the project.

How to install the latest stable Firefox in Ubuntu 10.04

As it seems it is not possible anymore to install the latest stable Firefox version in Ubuntu 10.04 with the classical method using "sudo apt-get" or by adding "fancy" repositories. This howto gives you a short description for a very simple workaround.

How to add sound / audio file to a video in Ubuntu?

Instructions how to add sound to a video, how to change the sound of a video file in Ubuntu.

How to install Adobe Acrobat Reader in Ubuntu 12.04/12.10

Obviously Adobe Acrobar Reader can neither be found in the Ubuntu Software Center nor in the Synaptic Package Manager. The following commands allow you to install it.

How to run Java in Chromium Browser (Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, ...)

How to run Java in Chromium Browser (Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, ...)

If you want to run Java in the Google Chromium Browser (Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, ...), the installation of the IcedTea Plugin is probably the fastest and easiest way.

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