The Ubuntu Beginner's Guide - Fifth Edition (Computer Beginner's Guides)

The Ubuntu Beginner's Guide (Fifth Edition) gives users new to Ubuntu Linux an overview of the operating system, from simple command-line tasks to advanced server configuration.

In the Guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Use the Ubuntu command line.
  • Manage users, groups, and file permissions.
  • Install software on a Ubuntu system, both from the command line and the GUI.
  • Configure network settings.
  • Use the vi editor to edit system configuration files.
  • Install and configure a Samba server for file sharing.
  • Install SSH for remote system control using public key/private key encryption.
  • Install a DHCP server for IP address management.
  • Install a LAMP server.
  • Install web applications like WordPress and Drupal.
  • Configure an FTP server.
  • Manage ebooks.
  • Convert digital media.
  • Manage and configure Unity, the default Ubuntu environment.
  • Manage and halt processes from the command line.
  • Manage PDF files and office documents from the command line.
  • And many other topics