Ubuntu Tutorials

Within this section you find a collection of videos that provide you with basic information about Ubuntu, introductions to Ubuntu or one of its applications and instructions how to properly install and configure the system, devices and applications.

How to install Calibre Library in Ubuntu 12.04

This tutorial shows you how to install the ebook reader Calibre on Ubuntu 12.04 using the command prompt. Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. It has a cornucopia of features divided into the following main categories: Library Management, E-book conversion, Syncing to e-book reader devices, Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form, Comprehensive e-book viewer and Content server for online access to your book collection.
Commands :

How to Install Ubuntu Touch on your Google Nexus 7, 4, or 10 Tablet

This video shows you how to install Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview onto your Google Nexus 7 device. You can also follow this guide to install Ubuntu Touch to Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and the original Galaxy Nexus device. This is a very EASY process, as long as you have all the tools. Here is what you need:

  • Ubuntu Linux Computer
  • A nexus Device
  • Nexus Device MUST be unlocked
  • Micro-USB Cable

COMMANDS used in this video, in sequential order:

How to change to GNOME Classic in Ubuntu 12.04/12.10

By default Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 comes along with the Unity shell interface. Unity is an interface for the GNOME desktop environment developed by Canonical Ltd. for its Ubuntu operating system. Unity debuted in the net-book edition of Ubuntu 10.10. In my experience many users - especially the ones coming from a Windows environment - find it rather difficult to get used to Unity.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Tutorial 16 - Compiz

This tutorial shows you how to install and configure the tool Compiz in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Tutorial 14 - Advanced settings

This short tutorial shows you how to adjust advanced settings in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Use Lubuntu 14.04 LTS as alternative to Windows XP

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop to support Windows XP, its maybe most popular and stable version ever. This means that from that moment there will be no security updates and no support for Windows XP. This means that your system will be more and more outdated and insecure.

Tested: Ubuntu Touch On Nexus 4

Ubuntu Touch (also known as Ubuntu Phone) is a mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system developed by Canonical UK Ltd and Ubuntu Community. It is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Utilizing libhybris the system can often be used with Linux kernels used in Android, which makes it easily ported to most recent Android smartphones. Ubuntu Touch utilizes the same core technologies as the Ubuntu Desktop, so applications designed for the latter platform run on the former and vice versa.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Tutorial 5 - Check mail and manage contacts

This short tutorial shows you how you can check mail and manage contacts in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Tutorial 6 - Chat client (MSN, Google talk, IRC...)

This short tutorial shows you how you can use Chat clients (MSN, Google talk, IRC...) in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Tutorial 4 - Find files, folders and applications

This short tutorial shows you how you can find files, folders and applications in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.